Odd Jobs

Okay, with all this talk about working and the craziness that is my life it got me thinking about all the weird stuff I have done since I began my illustrious days of bring home a paycheck. That thinking made me want to make a list, so here it is...

Some of these may be slightly out of order and I may have forgotten one or two...But I'll tell you mine if you tell me yours...

Starting at 12 years of age or so:

Babysitter (didn't know it was a bad idea to tell ghost stories to my charges)  *  Beach Monkey during the day and a bus-person at a restaurant at night (ambitious, I know)   *   Babysitter (remembered NOT to tell ghost stories this time)   *   Hostess (with the mostess of course)   *   Dunkin Doughnuts girl (with doughnut tree polyester uniform and all, my husband still remembers that outfit and how it accented certain parts of me)   *   Boulevard Aquarium (I was the tour guide for the shark display, fed the sharks and stingrays, and fell in the tank once!!)   *   Waitress (very BAD at that)   *   Church Daycare attendant   *   Window Display Designer   *   Nanny   *   Graphic Designer (for a yellow page ad company, very sucky)   *   Freelance Graphic Designer (during the interview, the lady started nursing her baby and it freaked me out, I was like 20 and had never seen THAT before :)   *   Birdhouse Painter   *   Attendant at a Photo Lab (2 assholes as my bosses who were mean and thought I should be trained after 2 days)   *   Kinko Copies   *   Funeral home secretary   *   Crematorium secretary   *   Administrative Assistant (for my soon-to-be mother-in-law, we had to keep it a secret that we were going to be related soon lest others get jealous)   *   More freelance graphic design   *    Babysitting at said graphic design firm for a web designer   *   Attendant/Artist du jour at little Paint-Your-Own-Pottery place   *   Started my own company: hand painting pottery and home-wares and selling all over the South East   *   Pregnant (that is a job!)  *   Nanny for my nephew (who was 6 months younger than my 6 month old baby. Yea, I know!)   *   Attendant at Paint-Your-Own-Pottery place   *   Painted Carousel Horse for city   *   Pregnant Again   *   More freelance graphic design   *   Birthday Invitation designs (selling as far as Cal-i-forn-i-a!)   *   Whipping up Cheesesteaks at a Cheesesteak Hut in close proximity to stinky men   *   Raising my babies   *   Cleaning condos for one day   *   Coffee Business slave   *   LLL Leader   *   Queen of the CafĂ© (that seated a whopping 8 people)   *  doula-in-training *  writer   *   secretary

So, what you got?


  1. Wow. I am going to have to sit down and try to remember all the crap I have done :)

  2. Holy cow. My list would be much much shorter than that. Look at all the thinigs you've experienced :)

  3. I have not near as interesting list as yours....I love the shark feeder and funeral home secretary. Those had to be very interesting!


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