Chicken Bog

Yes, you read that right. And what is Chicken Bog? Some swampy piece of geography overrun with poultry? No, it is a delicious Southern dish that I came out of the womb eating. It is ingrained in my childhood and I am ashamed to say that my kids barely know what it is...

If you want a easy dinner, one you could even cook in the crock pot, here it is (with a side of cabbage).

What you need:
Whole chicken
Keilbasa or Smoked Sausage
2-4 cups uncooked Rice- whatever kind you like and I used 3 cups of brown rice this time.
Pot of Water
Salt and Pepper

Firstly, boil the chicken in a pot of water (what else are you going to boil a chicken in?!). When chicken is falling off bone, remove chicken pieces to a bowl, SAVE chicken water/broth.

Make rice using chicken water/broth. Before it boils, add in cut keilbasa. Cook per directions.

After chicken cools pull apart, discard bones and skin. When rice is cooked, stir and add in chicken peices. Add salt and pepper to taste.

Ta dah! Serve with Tabasco sauce. Yummy!

There are variations, of course. Everyone down here makes THE best Chicken Bog with their own family secret. My husband has used half white, half saffron rice before. Some people use crumbled browned sausage in addition to smoked sausage.

The above picture chicken bog was my "camping version", you know: limited supplies and limited cooking utenstils. I used a can of chicken broth, the rest water to cook the BROWN rice. Added in the sliced keilbasa. Thawed, then cut and sauteed chicken breasts in pan. After rice was cooked, I added chicken and there you have it. It was delicious and my husband didn't know it was brown rice!


  1. well you learn something new every day, don't ya? a dish we used to eat all the time - my dad called it sh*t on shingles, apparently they used to eat it in the army, i think it was bacon bits or some kind of meaty bits in gravy drizzled over toast. and yes, my kids have never heard of it nor have they ever eaten it! found you from peeling an orange with a screwdriver and new follower

  2. I love S.O.S. (thats what we call Sh*t on a Shingle in my house)! it is actually B's favorite meal. I will post it the next time I make it!

  3. Sounds yummy following from MBC check my blog!


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