Update on Mom

Mom had her first pretty good day today since the weekend. She was doing great the day of and after surgery but then getting her pain meds and other medications correctly balanced made her very sleepy and confused.

Today, she was more aware, responding to us more and moving a little more. And she used hardly any pain meds which helped with all the above.

It is unspeakably hard to see her in pain, unable to stay awake, needing me to help her like I used to need her as a child. She has gotten tired of our humor trying to rouse a response out of her, she speaks volumes cutting her eyes at us and staring us down.

She is strong. We are expecting her to move out of ICU in the next day or two (fingers crossed).

Please continue to pray for her fast recovery.


  1. I'm glad she's doing so well. Fingers crossed for ya and I'm sending all my good thoughts your way!! :)

  2. My thoughts and prayers are with your mom for a speedy and whole recovery, and with you and your family for the strength to get through this together.


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