Sick Day

Zo had a fever last night and a sore throat. I kept her out of school just in case but she has talked a mile a minute all day (I think she realizes she has my ears all the herself). Fever is gone, too. So, unless something drastic changes she will be back at school tomorrow.

Here is one way we entertained ourselves today.


  1. We did the same thing and it was so, so funny! Check it out on FB... I don't think I have you as a contact on there... I'll request it.

  2. Fun! Lol. I showed this to my boys - they love it!

  3. Hee hee...that's a hilarious video!

    And by the way, I really like your new profile picture!:)

  4. Heehee, I was laughing watching this! Poor child, she looks like she is suffering badly. LOL. Glad she is better!
    Thinking about you!

  5. Kym- I saw yours- hilarious~
    Flour Girl- thanks!
    Wendy- she was so very, very sick! Her symptom was couldn't STOP talking ALL day! Phew, glad she is wearing her teachers ear off and not mine today.
    Thanks for all the comments.


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