Love Links

I check in to this site weekly for amusing photos of uncomfortable looking people finding enjoyment in their discomfort (wait...what?). "Come Feast at the Bitter BBQ of Banishment" might be my favorite!

It might be too cheesy and very uncool of me to admit this but I love cats doing silly things and people making up sillier quotes for said cats. In a house full of loud kids, piles of toys, and broken bathrooms it brings a smile to my face.

The graphic designer in me loves to look at these beautiful packaging designs. Although, it makes it that much more painful to buy the generic, store brand, lame label cereal at the grocery store.

Wonderful, thought provoking, funny literature
, free of charge. "Nursing Johnny Depp" by Molly Remer is a scream. You're very, very welcome!

Find joy while surfing the web today.


  1. I love the Goth site, that is awesome. Don't you just love the internet, you can find everything on it. Who would have thought?

  2. I Know you love making cute food for your girls, so I thought of you when I saw this site...check it out


  3. Thanks for sharing the links especially the one on cats.


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