Don't Forget

...To enter my giveaway! Don't ya want some coffee? Details to the right, enter a comment about why you LOVE coffee at your favorite post of mine for a chance to win. Ends 10/5/09!

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  1. This may not be my favorite post, but really, making me chose one is just evil. I like them all. Although the girl on the motorcycle one does stand out in my mind...

    Anyway...I need coffee. Because I do. I lay in bed in the morning, thinking about coffee. It is the only reason I get out of bed. I drink coffee when it's 100 degrees out. I drink coffee at 10am and 10 pm. There is always coffee in the pot at my house. Always. I drink coffee because I have three kids under the age of six.

    Coffee...one of the world's wonders. Think I'll go have a cup now...


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