Bento Sushi!

The kids were so excited when they saw I was making California rolls for lunch! It is easy with nori already in pantry, leftover rice from chinese takeout, imitation crab, ripe avocado (that walked in the door moments before I began) and cucumber!

Added in sweet and sour chicken pieces from takeout, sliced apples (coated in lemon juice to prevent browning) and pea pods. Gave them each a bottle (saved mini-maple syrup bottle) half filled with soy sauce and a tiny pair of chopsticks.

Douzo omeshiagari kudasai!! (Enjoy your meal!!)


  1. I wish my kids would eat sushi... Your lunches look so yummy!

  2. Mrs. Campbell, you have totally inspired me. You are light years ahead of me in the world of blogging. If you ever care to share some of your wisdom - I'm all ears! I adore your precious child and am so thankful to have her in class this year. Thanks for joining our classroom blog. By the way, her lunches are incredible...I am so impressed.


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