Bento Wednesday

Chicken Lollipos, Whole wheat cracker, grapes, carrot raisin salad, broccoli florets

Wonderful, washable, reusable snack bags made by my friend Ashley (she is opening up an Etsy store soon, in the meantime you can email me if you want to contact her). Secure velcro closer, lined with special fabric on inside, machine washable and it saves money and helps the environment by not buying and using plastic baggies. Plus the kids love the prints she picked for them- B gets black/colorful peace signs, Z gets kitties.

Inside view

Brown rice, meatloaf slice with ketchup, three coconut cookies which stored nicely in lid

And the Pièce de résistance: a green apple tree frog with carrot toes, craisin eyes and blue food color stripes on a bed of lettuce with cucumber and green apple flowers.

I know, I know. I'm a little crazy, but my day was stressful yesterday and as panicked as I felt when I realized it was 4:30, homework wasn't finished, the kids weren't showered, hubby and I were going on a date, I hadn't even begun to get ready and the kids grandmother would be home any minute AND I HADN'T PACKED THEIR LUNCHES!!! I made a quick lunch of cut carrots, a roll, some meat, some grapes and I was DONE. The creativity, what little I used, helped me transition from CRAZY to NOT SO CRAZY.

So don't judge me :p

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