First Day

Well, since I posted about their first day lunch it is a shame I haven't posted about their first day at school. Too much to do, too little time to do it.

Woke up at 6:15, got the coffee on and breakfast ready. Headed down the hall, Bella's light was on. "Good morning.", she gruffly responded as she dressed. On to the sleepy Polar Bear's room, she is balled in a mass of covers, it's hard to find the right end. "Wakey wakey, eggs and bakey!". Mumbles and stretches come from deep inside the covers. I kiss and tickle and finally begin dressing her. I discovered that dressing her as she wakes kills two birds with one stone. It wakes her up and she is not whining about the clothes I picked out and refusing to get dressed.

At the breakfast table I brush their hair while they eat. Having a mouth full of food makes it less likely that they can overreact and scream when I hit a knot. Teeth, hands, face are cleaned, shoes on. Out the door.

School starts at 7:30. We leave at 7:00, even though we only live five minutes away, because the first day of school is CHAOS (as you may know)! Everyone walks their children in, the parking lot is overflowing, the traffic snakes slowly around. We park and make it in with minutes to spare.

Bella and I walk Zo to her class. "Good morning" her teacher drawls enthusiastically. Zo wears an adorable tight lipped smile. She can't respond yet, she is shy for the first 10 minutes and then is a non-stop talker. Her class is a stir with kids, parents, cameras, noise. We find her desk, hang her bag up, and see that she is sitting next to a friend. I give her kisses, "Have a great day, baby!". She turns to her big sister, leans up with puckered lips and they kiss. Melts my heart every time.

I take a few photos, and one last look as we walk out the door.

We circle around to Bella's hall. The 3rd Grade! What?! How did this happen? Her new class is much more subdued, children placidly sitting in seats working on a fun sheet. We find her desk and say good morning to the teacher. I take a few photos with Bella tucking her chin in and giving me a funny smile.

I kiss her, glancing around as our lips touch to see if this is still acceptable in 3rd grade. There are no horrified stares from too-cool-for-mom 8 year olds, good. I tell her to have a wonderful day and leave.

And then I turn back and watch her for a moment. I see her as every age she has ever been, the tiny long limbed baby I brought home, the little monkey clinging to my side, the toddler running naked on the beach, the big girl making breakfast for me (cereal, whole banana and slice of bread), loosing her first tooth, sleeping in her bed, kicking butt in karate. And she looks up and smiles a beatific smile.

I walk away, it is easier this year. I don't feel so empty as I leave my babies behind. The bungee cord attaching my heart to theirs isn't as tight. They are growing up, quickly, before my eyes. All I can do is watch and remember each second they are mine.


  1. Do you think our kids will still let us take pictures of them when they're in high school? oh, how we still would try, right? Happy back to school.

  2. I hope that they always know how much their mom loves them, even when it's not cool to show affection.

    Happy back to school. :-)

  3. Beautiful! Your girls AND your post!
    Following you from MBC!


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