Cauliflower before Guinea Pigs

In my house, three things can happen when vegetables are placed on the table: they can be 1) eaten and enjoyed, 2) eaten and raved over 3)And from time to time they are ignored and then forced upon unwilling children ("Just eat two bites. Then you can be done").

But the other night I tried a new recipe for cauliflower. Now, this was taking a risk because my youngest child LOVES raw and steamed cauliflower. She will keep going back for more. She also likes broccoli but when I have sauteed it in the past, she has refused it and said she wanted it the other way (steamed). But I can't let a little squirt make me afraid to try new things, can I?

For dinner my husband was grilling some kind of meat and I decided to make roasted vegetables to go along with it. Roasted is one of my favorite way to have vegetables. At the store, I bought the usual: white potatoes, carrots, onion, and I grabbed the cauliflower as I passed it. While flipping channels one day I heard some Food Network chef say that broccoli and cauliflower are delicious roasted.

When I got home, I prepared all the veggies and in the pan they went. And hour later, out they came. And shortly there after they were all GONE. Inhaled by my family of 5! The cauliflower was exclaimed over, my husband asked if I would make more- right then. My MIL (the token vegetarian of the family) raved over them and gobbled them up.

Yea, success!

Ready to go in

Roasted Vegetables
(specifically cauliflower, but you can do this method with any veg you like)
1)In an iron skillet or large roasting pan, drizzle olive oil and coat bottom of pan.
2)In the meantime, chop your veggies so they are approximately the same size as one another. I like pulling the cauliflower apart into pretty florets. Place in pan.
3)Drizzle veggies with olive oil and salt.
4)Add in a few crushed (with paper still on) garlic cloves.
5)Cover loosely with foil.
6)Place in a hot oven- 450 or broil
7)Very important! Check every 15 minutes or so, stir and turn with a large spatula. Otherwise, they may burn. Roast for 45 min to an hour, check for tenderness, then remove and let cool slightly.
Serve and enjoy!

If you try this, comment below telling me how you like it.


  1. Wow, that sounds awesome. I haven't tried it yet, but I plan to. I'm starving now..lol.

  2. I actually do this, sort of. I toss the florets in olive oil and lemon and put them on a cookie sheet and broil them for maybe 5-7 minutes; then I toss 'em and broil them for 5-7 MORE minutes. I add more lemon before serving. I don't worry too much about burning 'em a little bit. Why? BECAUSE THE BURNED PARTS ARE YUMMMMMY. Go figure. I tried posting before with my name and the URL for my website, but MY COMMENT COULD NOT BE POSTED AT THIS TIME. I'm gonna try again as Anonymous, but I'm Caroline!

  3. Husband grilled "some kind of meat"? c'mon!

  4. Yes, "Some kind of Meat"! I'm pretty sure there is a section in the meat department titled "Some Kinda Meat"...It was delicious but I can't remember anything else about it...as my daughter would say "Is it horse?"

  5. I've done this with eggplant, potatoes, and lots of other veggies but never cauliflower. Going to give it a try. I'm sure it will be delish!


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