Love and Sweat

Tonight as i was folding number 18 of 20+ vellum envelopes and I had a vision. Every year, twice a year, I handmake birthday invitations for my two girls. Sometimes it is designed on the computer and I print them out. But a lot of times is involves hand writing, hand cutting, hand folding, etc. It is a creative outlet for me. I love to do them. I want my girls' birthdays to always be special.
But sometimes, it is hard. I run out of time and energy. I feel like I have to top myself each time. Sometimes I think it would be easier to just buy a pack of invitations.
So as I am folding number 18, after I have handwritten 20 invites, I had a vision of my children in 25 years. As they are possibly addressing their own children's birthday invitations. Possibly bought at the store. Will they remember their invitations from childhood? Will they appreciate the love and sweat that went into each invitation?
Does it matter?
By then they will have their own issues. With a few children, loads of laundry, diner to make, a job to hold down...

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