After a VERY long day running from one end of the county to the other and back again with two children in the car the day has finally come to an end. Sweet Fancy Moses! What a day.
The kids and their bickering were really in concentrated form today. On top of the stress of trying to keep my deliveries straight. I utilized the "sit on your hands, close you mouth" then i upped the ante to "sit on your hands, close your mouth and your eyes" when they were LOOKING at each other. Heaven forbid!! Looking? What has the world come to?
So after getting home, I threatened, I mean, asked sweetly, that they play quietly or watch tv while I took a nap. When I got up, hubby was home. A little while later. I headed out for a night on the town by myself! Woo hoo.
Of course, the first thing a mom under stress who needs a break does is head to Target. Party on, Wayne! I shopped for birthday presents. And I might as well have brought my children because everyone else had theirs and the screaming, questioning, and whining surrounding me was like the "music" I had heard all day.
Next, I headed to Barnes and Noble for some good old fashioned freeloading! That means grabbing a few interesting books and magazines, finding one of their coveted cushy chairs and losing myself in unpurchased reading material.
I felt recharged.
Which is good since when I got home I had to put the kids to bed.

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