No Mamby-Pamby Crap, Please

Honestly, I am struggling today. I had very little sleep last night and it has made my thinking on everything fuzzy and grumpy. Add that to the fact that I have been struggling with my 5 3/4 year old daughters' attitude and disrespect lately and I am done-in.
In certain parts of my brain, I know that she is changing a lot. She is going to be 6 soon, she has found her niche at school, everyone thinks she is adorable and her teachers give her anything she desires, and she probably has a good case of spring fever with a pinch of too-much-teenage-show-sass thrown in. I get it. Or on a good day I can see the reasoning. But after yesterday afternoon and the-all-night-keeping-mom-up-party and I am truly flummoxed.
Punishments and rewards aren't working. At least not the ones we are trying. No tv, no prize out of the prize box, closing her door at night when she is yelling...not working. Letting her watch tv, pick out a prize, sleep with her light on...not getting the positive message across either.
I am open to ideas. Well, at least I want to be. But I probably am not. Not the way I feel this morning. I am liable to blow my top if I hear any mamby-pamby suggestions of supporting her self esteem and need to express her feeling at 3 am. However, if you have an EASY button, I will gladly and thankfully accept!

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  1. Kids can completely exhaust a person. From what I hear girls are a little tougher than boys at this age.

    The way I've handled disrespect is to ask my son how he would feel if someone treated him the way he just treated that person. Usually this has him upset and if I am lucky, a light goes off in his head and HE QUITS BEING FRESH!


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